Thursday, December 18, 2008


Ok I better blog about this before LIC gives up on me blogging it forever! lol I think I'm the slowest! Yikes!:/ but nevermind, better late than never - Ive been in a hole for the past 2 wks :LIC organized a cake sampling session at Obolo very long ago, where we got to indulge in a tasting variety of cakes (as well as meeting other bloggers like Charlinary [who explained to us un-literary people about The Unbearable Lightness of Being], as well as meeting Foodies Queen - there were lots of other ppl but then didn't get a chance to talk to them).

The seating area is really small - it's more of a takeaway place but they do have a drinks menu.

Even though the cakes came in sample portions, they all add up to a pretty big cake, and it was worth the $23 even though there was diminishing returns. There were 9 different cakes to eat

New York Cheesecake
Mango-Passion Cheesecake
Pinada Cheesecake

Actually, when I was eating the cheesecake, I couldn't really tell which was which cos the flavourts were pretty subtle - I didn't quite like Pinada (pina colada) cheesecake, I much prefer the original drink - somehow I think that pineapple and cheesecake combi doesn't agree with me.

The cheesecakes are the creamy heavy kind, and since I started with them first (cos I thought the chocolate will be too heavy and mask the flavour for everything else) I got fully very fast.

Caraibe (the totally brown cake on the left) is a cloyingly sweet 67% caramel chocolate mousse, dark chocolate ganache, with a peacan chocolate fudge cake base.

Nikita (the green coloured cake) was one of my favourites - it had dark chocolate ganache mousse, cherry-raspberry gelee, Pistachio ivoire mousse and chocolate almond biscuit with kirsch. I couldn't taste the alcohol though. Tiramisu au Chocolat - I like my tiramisu slightly more moist - this one is a tiramisu cake, so understandbly it's not as wet as those kind that can't stand up on it's own and comes in a container.

Le Cassis - the pretty purple cake which most people liked. It had dark chocolate ganache mousse, blackcurrent ivoire mousse, chocolate-almond biscuit and crunchy praline feulletine (that's the base I think, which was pretty nice I like crunchy stuff in cakes).

There were 2 petite tartlets for us to sample; the Chocolat Noir and Chocolat-passion.

Chocolat-Noir was pretty good, remined me a bit of Chocolate Factory's Chocolate Tart (which is my favourite chocolate tart ever). It's filled with dark chocolate ganache so it's not too sweet.
Chocolat-Passion had milk chocolate and passion fruit ganache. Most people found the passion fruit too sour, but I thought it was fine (perhaps cos I quite like sour stuff).

Of course, by the end of this, everyone was already having a major sugar rush but there was more desserts to come!
One of my favourite desserts, the Dessert Shooter of Summer Berries. Description in the menu: Tangy mascarpone mousse, red berry gelee, kirsch-mixed berry compote and kirsch-soaked vanilla genoise, garnished with fresh berries.I liked how they made a cute little 'dew drop' on top of the raspberry. I can't seem to taste any alcohol at all, but then again, if there was too much alcohol, you'll be wiping off kids from your customer base. I liked the mascarpone mousse and berries cos it's so nice and creamy, and the berry gelee was tangy and sweet at the same time. Lastly, there was Les Macarons in 2 flavours - Hazelunt-Chocolate and Green Tea. Though these 2 flavours aren't on the top of my must try list, they also have sea salt caramel macarons (this is on the top most of my list, followed by rose) which looks really good, just that they didn't have any by the time we ended, or I'd have been tempted to dapao some home despite being extremely full. Hot and cold drinks were included inside the $23, so I got peppermint.

The people from Obolo even thoughtfully gave us some christmas cookies, cranberry with chocolate chips I think? Or was it nuts. It's long gone (already stored in my stomach).
452 Joo Chiat Road
Singapore 427665
Tel: 63489791


ratatouille said...

nice review. guess thats the problem with dessert tasting. too much of sweets cloud the head and the tastebuds. I definitely prefer to devour them slowly one by one at different times.

ladyironchef said...

hahahaha you finally updated! lol! thanks for coming yeah and see you next time : )

eh next time you and jules going anywhere ask me along. haha. now that ya exams are over!

m said...

ratatouille: ya I absolutely agree with you, but it's just for the fun of it. Now I know what's nice and not (if I ever go there again). Diminishing returns x10000

LIC: Thanks to you for the effort in all that organizing. My exams aren't over - finals in mid jan. Dyinggggggggg :O