Saturday, December 20, 2008

Bon Bon Tea - Vivocity

There's this new tea place which I have been wanting to try - it's where Red White and Pure used to be. It looks very nice from the outside - lots of desserts on display and they even have a large parasol for decoration. The interior is nearly the same as Red White and Pure - same tables and chairs, just that they changed the wall paint to a pale green. Their menu is an A3 sized paper, with pretty designs and illustrations.
The Croque Madame with Green Salad ($13++) came with 2 slices of bread and a salad dressed with balsamic vinegar. The bread slices were slightly hard, and the layer of cheese was very hard and not soft and creamy like the one I had in Canele. It's pretty dry, and I didn't enjoy this dish.
My BonBon Tea Salad ($13++) was a fresh mesclun salad with turkey ham, emmenthal cheese tossed with house red wine vinergrette. The presentation reminded me of Red White and Pure, especially with the thick brushing of balsamic vinegar glaze, and the filo pastry basket (yikes just relized that you can't see the basket in my photo :/).

Actually, this is the only dish which I'm ok about - it's hard to mess up a salad, plus this one is quite nicely presented and even comes with segments of grapefruit and orange (which I don't eat cos I hate citrus fruits). Truthfully, I can't taste any red wine, but the salad was well tossed in the tangy dressing. I thought it would have been better if the emmenthal cheese was cut thinner, like the way cheese looks if you use a fruit peeler.

The Turkey Ham sandwich ($12++) was very dissappointing - it's actually 2 pieces of bread, prettily arranged with a green salad, but the filling was quite miserable. The turkey ham tastes like the inferior kind of ham, and there's only a bit of tomatoes and some cream dressing. The bread is supposed to be freshly baked and home made, but it just seems like normal lightly toasted bread to me. I wouldn't have minded it if it cost $8 or lower, but $13++ is very steep for this kind of sandwich. I think the food here is really not worth it - seriously overpriced! And the food doesn't even taste that good. According to a comment I saw on Foodies Queen, it's run by the same management as Red White and Pure. I'm actually quite dissappointed especially since I had a very good experience at Red White and Pure before it closed down. Perhaps they're stronger in their desserts, and I'll come back one day to try the desserts and the tea. But definitely not for their savoury food. For these kind of sandwich-ey things, I'll go to my trusty Frensh.
BonBon Tea
Tel: 6827 0118


ladyironchef said...

haha the sandwich look disappointing. Try oomphatico's one, i'm quite impress with it

m said...

Ok I'll go and try it when I'm free-er. Super busy till mid jan :( Heard mixed reviews for Oomphaticos but I'll go and see for myself :D