Monday, December 8, 2008

Cystal Jade Kitchen

I love the Crystal Jade Kitchen at Holland Village - it's one of my favourite places to have supper, especially when I'm clean (just bathed) since it isn't oily and smelly and has airconditioning. And it's pretty quiet at night, so it's a nice place to have a late night supper. Late being around 2-3am. My default porridge order - the Lychee Boat porridge (they have recently changed the name from Lychee boat, which is a direct translation from Chinese to 'Lai Wan' Style). I like this porridge cos there's lots of liao (ingredients) inside, such as fish, cuttle fish, shredded pork, lettuce, peanuts, you tiao and spring onion.
I like the texture and taste Crystal Jade style porridge. I dunno how they make it so tasty? Maybe there's lots of msg inside?
Holland V crystal jade kitchen opens till 3 or 4am, I think 4am for weekends. And best of all, I usually just dapao so I save on the peanuts, wet towels and service charge. It's quite a sizable saving. And they even take in phone orders so I'll just call in and pick it up. Ahh feel like eating porridge for supper now! Buu to neonatology!
Aloe Vera Dessert with Osthamus (sp?) and red dates. I can't remember how much this cost (I think it was in the range of $5) and it's supposed to be very liang. Im not sure if they have it now, but the oshtamus flower smells really fragrant.
Crystal Jade Kitchen
Holland Village
Tel: 6469 0300

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Jyoan said...

Me too likes the Holland V branch! Best is still xiao long bao and egg milk custard, for dessert. But I actually like close to 100% of their stuff. hahahaha.