Friday, December 26, 2008

Frutta la Viva

Ok I decided to do my 2 very outdated ice cream posts. This place was recommended to me by my brother and his friend.

This place is pretty near my house, and it's apparently highly recommended by Makansutra (which I don't follow). So one night my brother and I were craving for ice cream (I was actually craving for my fave vanilla ice cream - Tillamook's Vanilla Bean which is my favouritest tub ice cream and it's pretty cheap too!) but I thought it'll be such a waste ordering vanilla from a gelato store which has so many other exciting flavours.
I sampled quite alot of flavours - from glutinoso (pulot hitam), Malaga (rum and raisin, not very alcoholic and very sweet), coffee (I like haagen daz better), mango, pistachio (got alot of ground pistachios and very sweet), vanilla (passable), lychee (very very sweet) and some other chocolate flavours (oily aftertaste). Since we trudged over already, we decided to get the big tub ($21.90) to satisfy our ice cream craving (ice cream is used here to cover gelato and ice cream). The small tub looks so miserably small and not worth getting, and only can get 2 flavours.

The three we got was the Donatella, Pistachio and Rock Melon. The rock melon is as fragrant as Haagen Daz's one, just that it's sweeter too. I actually like Haagen Daz better, even though Haagen Daz is ice cream and not gelato. Pistachio is packed with lots and lots of ground pistachio, and every mouthful is bursting with pistachio flavour, which is good since pistachio nuts are so ex. Donatella is chocolate mixed with hazelnut (actually I ordered this cos I liked the way it sounded - sounds like nutella which I really like) but it's very sweet and the chocolate taste isn't that strong.

Somehow, I just don't quite like the gelato here - I find the chocolate ones have a buttery/oily aftertaste which I dont' like and aren't as chocolatey compared to others like Tom's, Udders', and Venezia's. And altough their fruit flavours taste very natural, it's really too sweet for my liking. I don't usually have a problem with ice cream sweetness, but I find that the first thing to hit me whenever I try a flavour is the sweetness.

What I do like about the place is the friendly store assistants, who let me try nearly all their gelato patiently, and the nice clean look of the store. It's very bright and everything looks so nice and clean.

The first gelato I ever tried in Singapore (other than when I was overseas) was from Venezia. I used to go in sec sch a few times a week and eat the hazelnut or yoghurt gelato. Ah writing about it makes me want to go and zoom down to eat some delicious hazelnut gelato but help! There's such a big box of frutta la viva in the fridge and no one is eating it! Haiz! My mother is going to scold me :(
#01-01 Suncourt,
21 Lorong Kilat (Opp. Beauty World Plaza),
Upper Bukit Timah Road,
Singapore 598123
Tel : 68638986
(It's near this temple thing and it's not facing the main road so you'll have to walk inside. There's a 24hr coffeeshop nearby)


red fir said...

Oh we do share the same favorites from Venezia too! Hazelnut and Yoggi are the only 2 flavors I eat. :)
Tried this Frutta place when it was back at Square 2, didn't like it.

Unknown said... sld haf tried their bacio. Filled with nuts. There's the crunch and not so sweet. :D

m said...

ice: Hazelnut and Yoghurt rocks! I feel like eating it now! But my freezer's full of edamame and dreyers :(

Foodies Queen: I sampled it but then I don't like stuff inside my ice cream cos it gets stuck in my teeth plus I like my ice cream smooth.