Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Coffee Showcase

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Anyway, I've been MIA for so long so I decided to blog with a happy easy to blog about post first! I've been to this place once before, as recommended by xq who is the east food advisor and king of searching up new food places on hungrygowhere.
Coffee showcase is still serving up their delicious food at really competitive prices - I love competition cos it makes everything cheaper! Just like number portability. When I went, they had 3 different set meals for $7.95. However, on xq's recommendation, I decided to have the Mocha Lamb Chops and topped up $5 for a soup of the day, drink (not just cheapo soft drink - also got teas and coffees also, and teas include atas stuff like peppermint&ginger or hibiscus o_O) as well as a cake for dessert.

Carrot soup was as good as I remembered it to be - not filled with tasteless flour like what some cheaper restaurants tend to do to bulk up their soup. And it's even garnished with buttered toasted croutons.

This is my Mocha Lamb Chops ($10.95, this place doesn't charge gst or service charge :) which is around three and a half good sized lambchops (take that Chiara restaurant >:D) with any 2 side dishes.

The lamb is incredibly fatty, but there was still a good portion of meat inside. They were juicy and well done, and the mocha sauce went suprisingly well with the smokey lamb.

They gave a generous portion of mashed potatoes, which were a bit too dry for my liking, and the coleslaw was fresh and crunchy.
The other set we tried was the spicy mango grilled fish, (can't rem price, but it's pretty cheap too!) with the sides of yingyang rice and garden vegetables. The mango puree made the fish naturally sweet, and the fish was flaky and moist. The ying yang rice was suprisingly good, and it wasn't just plain brown rice mixed with white rice. The rice is flavoured with some aromatic herb or tea or something, so it tastes and smells really good!

We were so full we had to dapao dessert, of course, my favourite triple hazelnut chocolate crunch cake. Which, by itself is completely worth the $5 topup since it costs $6.95 alone. They also had an interesting looking lychee martini cake, but that's for another time.

This is the perfect place for easties to go to! Super cheap, food is super good and got aircon and it's clean! Personally, I think they should open a branch in the west, confirm will do very well cos got so many students!

Coffee Showcase
45 East Coast Road
Tel: 6345 1256
It's near the Black Canyon Coffee and Katong Laksa place, along the main road.

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