Friday, November 28, 2008

Matsuo Sushi Revisited - Chirashi Set

My omakase at Matsuo has left me with happy memories.Revisited Matsuo on a wet wet Monday - although it was noon, it was empty. Though it did fill up later when the rain got lighter.

The chirashi lunch set (available Mondays and Fridays, $15++) came with tuna, hamachi, salmon, cooked and raw prawn, scallop, mekajiki, raw squid and cooked octopus. Of course, not forgetting their signature unagi tamago. Along with the purple and yellow pickles and a generous amount of roe.

Along with the set comes Miso soup with a prawn head, and chawanmushi (with crab, prawn and unagi). They serve watermelon for dessert, and green tea is complimentary. Great place for lunch if you're nearby. Though the parking will swipe $1.60 off your cashcard for the first hour.

Saves the queueing and stress of queueing outside Wasabi Tei - the ambience here is 1000x better (and somehow it feels nice and clean), and you'll never get scolded by the chef :p

I'm going to try Nara next!

Matsuo Sushi
1 Goldhill Plaza
#01-17 Goldhill Plaza
Tel: 6356 2603

: is that annalisa in the backgroud of the picture with the masala tea? :)
: wm you're so powerful how could you tell it's her!!
lol wm is very powerful indeed! I nearly thought it was fish (but it isnt):p

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