Saturday, November 1, 2008

Sushi Yoshida

Sigh I'm very busy! Got no time to upload, edit (shrink + mark) my photos or to blog! Maybe I should blog really short posts like the Travelling Hungryboy - somehow each of my posts take really long to type. And maybe I shld start using flickr cos collages will be easy to do. Went to Sushi Yoshida a few weeks back with Jane, when we were dying for sushi. The scary thing about Sushi Yoshida is that it's insanely expensive (ie will not go anywhere near it) for dinner, but they have set lunches for <$40.Onsen tamago (half boiled egg), miso soup (which was really tasty and not that salty - I don't like my soup too salty) and watermelon came with the lunch set. Sushi set ($38++) which came with anago, hotate (Scallop), katsuo no tataki (seared skipjack tuna), kampachi, ebi, negitoro maki x3, salmon roe, otoro, and of course, to show off the chef's skill, tamago (egg).
*edit: it's not negitoromaki - it's the sweet brown preserved thing (I don't know what it is it's some vegetable thing)Otoro = Yum! Of course, everything was extremely fresh - felt like I was in Japan.

Parking there (the first time) was really nerve wrecking - they have a valet service right outside the restaurant, but there is no fixed price for the service - you pay as much as you like!! I thought that $2 was too giam for such an atas place, so we paid $4. Oh wells, no need to put coupon (cos they jaga your car) and I can take my time to have a leisurely lunch without worrying about the carpark attendant (who are now young and spritey and can walk and summan very fast indeed :/)

Btw, it's pretty hard to find the place if you don't know how it looks like from the outside, cos the Sushi Yoshida sign is hidden right inside. The outside says Bar Stop and not sushi yoshida.
I just found out that everyone eats the chirashi and not the sushi set at sushi yoshida. Ohwells, another excuse to go back to eat it again when my pocket money comes!

Sushi Yoshida
10 Devonshire Road
Tel: 6735 5014

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p said...

i think about a year ago, the sets went for 28(no++). and you'd get chutoro as part of the sushi set. and the chiraishi was whooaa.

and then they got smart and raised prices by a full 10 bucks :(