Saturday, November 22, 2008

Korean Cold Noodles

This is a reply to passerby's question: I want to ask if u wld recommend korean cold noodles?

I've never eaten Korean Cold Noodles in Singapore, but I've tried it in DPRK. According to this (English) magazine I bought there (because I saw the article on their food), there are four famous dishes from Pyongyang - namely the Taedonggang mullet soup, Pyongyang raengmyon, Pyongnang onban and Mung-bean pancake.
When I travel, I like to run around and try the local food (and see the supermarkets/markets cos that's where the locals get their food from - super interesting to see what kind of local produce and brands they have there).
Here's an exerpt from the above magazine (Democratic People's Republic of Korea No. 624 Juche 97 2008, Issue 6):

Raengmyon (cold noodle) is made from buckwheat flour. It is charazterized by its material, broth, mince, rolling and containers. It is more refreshing, delicious, tartish and taster than other buckwheat noodles because it uses radishes pickled in salt water and meat soup.

Brass bowls or trays, its containers, stimulate the appetite of eaters.

A little broth and noodle are put into a bowl. Kimchi, meat, egg, pear, cucumber, and also shredded green onions and red peppers are placed on noodle and then the remaining broth is put into the bowl.

Tasty and nice-looking, Pyongyang raengmyon has been widely known as an excellent, dish, representing Korean noodles.

Most things in DPRK are strictly regulated and rationed, and you can't just walk into any restaurant and buy a meal. The locals and foreigners have different stores and restaurants. So I had my noodles at this tourist restaurant. The noodles are sold in 100g portions. I think the pricing was quite reasonable though I can't remember the exact price there.

It's really delicious, and comes inside this brass bowl. The waitress will stir in some red sauce and vinegar to give it more flavour. The noodles have a very nice texture - chewy and tangy, and they look a bit like brown tang hoon. The crunchy pear adds to the interesting texture. There's also some pine nuts inside. The soup is is slightly sourish, and the dish is very light (no oil at all) and refreshing.

Actually, it was quite a pity we could only eat this on one of the last days, simply because it wasn't available anywhere else. I would have loved to eat this more, but then again, all the food in DPRK is so strictly rationed, I bet I'll eat up their month's supply of food (and feel really guilty cos they have so little food).

Anyway, the only place I know of which sells (authentic looking) Korean cold noodles in Sgp is Ju Shing Jung Restaurant. The picture of the cold noodles in the lunch set looks exactly like what I ate, though I've never tried it myself.

Anyone with recommendation on where to eat cold korean noodles please leave a comment! I feel like eating Korean cold noodles too!


Foodies Queen said...

I have tried cold noodles at Da Chang Jin @Yess Leisure. I find the red sauce a tad too sweet to go down my stomach. But I like the tangy tang hoon alike noodles. LOL. Maybe you will like their version. :D

ice said...

Is Raengmyon like tunghoon but thicker? Does it taste like tunghoon? I love tunghoon.:)

I think Korean cold noodles are served in almost every Korean restaurant in Singapore. Togi at Mosque Street should have this. Friend mentioned this place has great Korean food!

m said...

hello foodies queen! I would def try to eat the cold korean noodles.

ice: I think it's slightly different? If i'm not wrong tanghoon is made from mung bean, while this is made from buckwheat. But it's really chewy and delicious and I like tanghoon too:D
Yay I can't wait to try some yummy cold korean noodles!

Thanks so much to the both of you for the recomendations :)

julie said...

i think hansang has cold noodles too but i didn't try.

the japanese cold noodles at noodle house ken is very good though!

Anonymous said...

Full House on Tanjong Katong Road, opposite the Canadian international School serves this cold noodles. Really authentic korean food as well as the boss is Korean :)

m said...

Julie: I haven't tried it either - was too tempted by other things there to try it on the 2nd time I went!

Anon:Sounds good next time I'm in the east I'll try to check it out. Thanks for the recommendation :)