Saturday, November 22, 2008

Akashi Vivocity

I saw this in the Guardian magazine which came with Thursday's newspaper. It's super cute right? Looks like a ball! So I went to vivo with Jane (cos got Guardian and we wanted to shop around)but the Guardian there didn't have! Haiz!
And my mum went to Raffles City Guardian today, saw the thing and she didnt get it for me!!! Argh!! Oh well, I shall go down tmr (or later today) myself and get it. V fun to look and laugh at it cos its so cute and ugly!

Cos we were in Vivocity, and feeling extremely hungry and uninspired, we gravitated towards Akashi. It's oyster season now, as well as hamachi (I think salmon too!) season (cos all the fishes are storing yummy fish oils for the cold cold winter, so it's the best time to eat them!). The oysters are from Japan and costs 8 bucks for two, and it's extremely fresh. No gritty taste at all. Ahhh I wanna eat another oyster!!

No prizes for guessing which set I had - of course I had the nigiri chasoba set. Can't get enough of the cha soba (even though I can make it myself, Akashi's one tastes better, probably cos I buy the $2 one from Daiso ^-^).
For lunch, my set costs $16++, which is pretty worth it imho since it comes with some sushi, salad and watermelon. I think it costs $20++ for dinner. I hate the stupid price difference, makes me feel like I'm being cheated when I eat dinner there.

Perhaps because for lunch, they give edamame starter and charge you $4? This is the extremely expensive Akashi negitoro maki. I ate this around 6 months ago, just to see whats the difference between a $4.50 negitoro maki (from Sakuraya Fishmart) and a $22 one from Akashi. Actually, the only difference I can tell is that the Akashi one has roasted sesame seeds inside, and perhaps the rice is nicer?Somehow, the $17.50 difference is lost on me. Never again am I going to spend $22 on negitoromaki. Perhaps they use a better part of the tuna? But toro is toro, and is not otoro. If not, it'll be negi-otoro or negi-chutoro maki?

Akashi Japanese Restaurant
1 Harbourfront Walk
#B2-07/08/09 Vivocity
Tel 63769972
Btw Vivo has the best carpark ever! I like free parking! :D:D:D Plus, it's out of CBD!


ice said...

Darling, you can always ask to do away with the edamame. That's what I do, even to pickles in Chinese restaurants.

Not sure but perhaps Sakuraya uses just mince tuna and not toro?

m said...

Hello ice! I should have hor wasted $4++ on edamame:( I usually just buy the frozen one from supermarkets to cook at home. Much cheaper. Not too sure about Sakuraya's one but I'll ask them if I the chance to go back.