Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Today was such a happy day - zoomed out after lesson for yummy food - the Kopitiam being cloased is a great excuse ^-^

I've only found out this year that Far East Plaza is a treasure trove for great food at even better prices - why didn't I realize sooner - all those Sushi Tei days could have been substituted for all these other choices! The four of us are boring and generic people and we took the Obento set. It's a very affordable $12.50++ (around 14 bucks after taxes) and comes with 5 sticks yakitori. There was chicken pieces and leek, chicken balls, quail eggs, pork roll with this leaf (that always comes with sushi I think it starts with an S) and pork+asparagus.

What I like about the bento is that they 'dress' the rice up with marinated minced chicken, mushrooms and seaweed. And not to forget the healthy crunchy salad and pickles.
For people who don't eat pork, they very kindly give 2 no-pork alternative skewers at no extra charge. Today, they gave mushroom stuffed with chicken and unagi (very juicy) + leek skewers - I think its even nicer than the original version with pork - maybe next time I go I'll ask for a no pork version :D

Best of all, the lunch set comes with a daily dessert, which was mochi and red beans. Although it's a really simple (and small) dessert, it ended the meal on a high note. Plus, green tea here is complimentary :D
The last order for lunch is at 2.15pm and the restaurant closes at 2.30pm. The salmon shioyaki set is only $10 bucks - I saw the chef grilling the salmon and it looks huge. I'm going to be coming here more often - the lunch was so good (and affordable) and I'm very hungry now! :(
Beats my Tori Q hands down - but I'll still eat Tori Q when I'm desperate :P
Great place for an affordable lunch, but I think dinner's very ex according to other online reviews. Call to book cos the place is really small :)

Nanbantei Japanese Restaurant
14 Scotts Road
#05-132 Far East Plaza
Tel: 6733 5666


red fir said...

It's called shiso. :)

Anonymous said...

have you tried kazu?? i looooove it! K & i think it's better than nanbantei. but be prepared to pay abt 40-50/pax for dinner. which is actually the same as nanbantei's dinner. or maybe we just ordered alot :S the foie gras and oysters and lamb chop and chicken heart rawk. and save space for dessert!:p