Monday, November 17, 2008

Ghim Moh 九江 Roast Meat

One of the few rice dishes that I like (other than sushi and fried rice) is the Roast Meat from Ghim Moh. They roast their own meats every day, and the husband and wife pair are very pleasant - not like those nasty nazi hawkers. They don't purposely dwaddle just to get a long que (or keep their long que long -like the horrible Clementi Popiah lady).

Personally, I don't like the roasted pork (with the crackling skin and layers of fat), so I usually get the char siew and duck rice ($3.50), or duck rice ($4).

The Shao La Fan is probably one of the best ones in the area, and the que gets really long during lunch time. I dont' know why I never ate it that much in JC but I did eat it quite a bit after that. Actually, I don't know why I even like this shao la fan cos I don't even eat the duck skin. But I like the sweet gravy that comes with it.

The stall is located in the middle (same row as the famous char kway teow) and its name starts with 九江 (red and white sign).


ice said...

omgawd! I've heard so much good things about Jiu Jiang but I've never eaten there during JC too! Never knew you like the roast duck rice here. :)

Fen said...

This is one of the stalls that I will never fail to visit whenever I am at Ghim Moh market for lunch.

This couple, have to admit, are really friendly and without fail on every visit, they recognize all my family members simply because my dad has been buying duck from them way before they started this stall. If I am not mistaken, the boss works at charcoal grill (along Bukit Timah Road) previously.

Their ducks are slightly more expensive as they bring in from Penang and thus fatter with more meat. As for Roasted Pork, it is more on the dry side while the BBQ meat is slightly charred.

The other thing why my dad patronized this store is because they don't use red colouring on the duck and thus the roasted ducks are brownish instead of bright red.

Oh, they will close the stall once all the ducks have been sold and often when I drop by at 6pm, there is no more whole ducks and by 6:30pm, there is a 50% chance that the stall is undergoing cleaning.