Sunday, November 16, 2008

Raffles Creamery

After Gunther's, we wanted to walk over to Tom's Palatte (cos I haven't been there and everyone has been raving about it to me). Fortunately, ice saved us from the long trek in the sweltering heat by informing us that it was closed for the week. But since we were dying for ice cream, we walked over to Raffles Creamery, which was the nearest ice cream place to Purvis Street.
What I like about this place is that they have an insanely huge amount of flavours. For ice creams, the list goes something like this: macadamia nut caramel, hazelnut frappuccino, sicilian pistachio, gianduya kitkat, tahitian vanilla, dulche leche , rocky road, dark chocolate, white chocolate creme de cacao, pina colada, green tea, kalamansi frozen yoghurt, apricot, mango swirl, fresh strawberry, coconut cream, coconut sweet corn, thai tea.

They also have lots of sherbets: Singapore sling, lemon&lime, forest berry, soursop, ginger&lychee, pink guava, marbled cherry...

They also do the ice cream chef's blending thing, but the flavours I chose were all wrong and couldn't be blended nicely. I had the dulche leche, lychee& ginger (because I've hardly see ginger ice cream), and pink guava. 2 sherberts cos it was such a hot day.

I've never eaten a real pink guava fruit before - the closest I've came to eating a pink guava fruit is by drinking fruit tree's pink guava juice drink. I don't know why they don't have pink guava in Singapore? The pink guava has the slightly grainy feel of fresh guava, and has an intense guava flavour.

The ginger and lychee was very refreshing and light, and it wasn't too sweet either. The spicy ginger went very well with the sweetish lychee. I can't wait for some ice cream place to start making ginger ice cream.

Dulche leche (the Spanish equivalent for caramellized condensed milk) had vanilla beans in it and wasn't as creamy as I expected it to be, which was fine cos I was pretty full from my lunch already.
The ice cream is really pricey (as expected) but then again, it still can't beat Haagen Daz's extremely expensive single scoops. Looks like I won't really be coming back here unless Tom's Palatte is closed.

1 scoop $4.90/ with 1 or 2 condiments $5.90
2 scoops $8.10/ with 1 or 2 condiments $8.90
3 scoops $10.90/ with 1 or 2 condiments $11.60
additional condiments at $0.60 each

Raffles Creamery
1 Beach Road
Raffles Hotel

Tel: 6337 1886

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