Sunday, November 23, 2008

Rider's Cafe - Before the price increase

My sister's hilarious tshirt! Im v jealous I want a tshirt like that too!

Haiz heard from ice that Rider's Cafe menu prices has been inversely proportional to the COE.

Prices quoted in this entry may not be the same as current prices cos my post, as usual, is outdated :(3 thick and fluffy pancakes for $6.95++, sadly it's 10 bucks now.
The pancakes are the extremely thick kind, and are prettily presented in a stack with colourful berries, and warm maple syrup on the side. I'll definitely have no objections paying the 7bucks for 3 thick pancakes, but definitely not 10 bucks. I'll rather go to Macs where I can have happy childhood memories of their thin mass produced pancakes which I think taste great anyway.

On the topic of Macdonalds, my fave commercial is the rocking hot cakes (can't find it anywhere) but its about 3 hotcakes singing this cute song and dancing around and looking yummy. The jingle goes something like this "When you wake up, to the happy sound, yada-yada-ya, yada-ya-ya-ya! The rockin' hotcakes are coming to town..."

Avocado prawn salad ($12.95++) is a colourful salad - I can just imagine all the antioxidants from the mangoes and vitamin E from the avocados zooming into my skin. The grilled prawns are delicious and are lightly marinated so the yummy prawn taste comes through clearly. Best of all, the salad has a mixture of vinegrette dressing, as well as a bit of creamy dressing, so it's the best of both worlds. Prawn Portobello Salad ($14.95++) with garlic prawns, juicy portobello and some creamy sauce. As you can probably tell by now, my other family members are v healthy (compared to me).
Rider's Cafe
51 Fairways Drive
Singapore 286965
Opened from 8am to 10pm, Tues to Sundays
Go to their website for directions


ladyironchef said...

irs very far inside if no car. i went there once before, but didn't eat anything, jus to take a look at that place. when's my obolo outing post coming up? haha

m said...

yup good healthy walk to whet up an appetite :P obolo coming up soon alr uploaded photos need to type stuff now...