Sunday, November 2, 2008

Matsuo Omakase

I went to Matsuo ("sponsored" by my dad) for omakase. This is my second time omakase-ing and it's as exciting as ever.
Appetiser was Oyster (it's oyster season now), unitamago (which is the show of the chef's skill - I still don't understand why because I haven't watched Japan Hour for eons - they're showing it at queer times when I'm either sleeping or not at home), yam and squid with some dressing.
From Top right: Uni, Salmon Roe, Fugu (pufferfish), Negitoro, Kanpachi, Seared Otoro and I can't remember what.
I was pretty excited cos this was the first time I'm eating fresh fugu, and it is very tasteless and has the texture of raw chicken - extremely extremely chewy. I suppose most people eat it because they like to cheat death. But now most people eat reared pufferfish which don't have the poison, which defeats the purpose of eating pufferfish right? Anyway, I'm not sure if this is the wild type or the reared type.
And of course, Uni (sea urchin) and negitoro (minced fatty tuna with spring onions, the cheapest that I've eaten is at Fish Mart Sakuraya for $4.50, and the most ex was at Akashi for $22)Sashimi: Salmon, Ebi, Kampachi, Hamachi, Mekajiki, Aji, Scallop, Katsuo, OtoroFrom top right: Cold dish of Japanese tomato (sweet and juicy, unlike our super sour and tart local ones), corn (from Malaysia, but it's really sweet and juicy), asparagus, tofu in sesame dressing.
Japanese cucumbers with miso (this is some special type of miso - it's slightly reddish and looks a bit like a more brownish-red version of red beans),
Cold starter which I have already written about in the front. This is a natto dish where you have to roll it yourself. It's natto with spring onions, shredded cucumber rolled into a crunchy seaweed roll. It makes a really healthy snack and is much cheaper if you DIY at home. This dish is called 'fish sperm' but I don't think sperm looks like this. I think this should be fish testes or something. It has the consistency of brain (slightly mushi, a bit fatty -I've never eaten brain before but it feels like this in real life), and it's very smooth. It was served with fresh Japanese yam.
Fish liver, I really can't remember what kind of fish this liver comes from but it has the consistency of foie gras (the un-seared kind) and does not have any bile taste.
Japanese unagi. Lots of restaurants in S'pore use China eel (dunno if have melanine, everything seems to be having melanine lately). Truthfully, I can't really tell the difference either, especially after it's doused in the brown sauce. For the $15 set lunch, Matsuo uses the China (or was it Taiwanese?) eel, but for dinner, if they have stock, you can ask for the Japanese eel. The grilled eel on the right is the shiroyaki eel, which is salt grilled. I much prefer the salt grilled one.
This is a pretty big pregnant fish - usually the only pregnant fish I eat is shishamo (which can be procured from NTUC Fairprice Finest and deepfried at a really low cost), but this salt-grilled fish is pretty big. It was extremely fresh and there's super alot of roe inside. Dessert was fruits - Perssimon, watermelon, mango and Japanese Grape, and the delicious extremely sweet and jucy Japanese Musk melon.

Ahh I would like to omakase everyday! Yum!
Matsuo Sushi
1 Goldhill Plaza
#01-17 Goldhill Plaza
Tel: 6356 2603


Anonymous said...

gosh mich i just ate a sushi buffet today but your pics still tempted me!:p what was the bill like? ;p

Anonymous said...

How much did it cost?