Friday, November 7, 2008

Fish & Co

The first Fish & Co opened in PS when I was still in Secondary school (argh sound like a lao ah mah already!). Now, there's so many Fish and Co chains popping up everywhere. I boycotted fish&co for quite a while, because I encountered alot of shitty service in their various branches.

For example, there was a time when they refused to give us (table for 4) some more tartare sauce, saying that it was limited to one per table, even though all 4 of us ordered fish and chips, as well as them being really slow and messing up our orders on various occasions.The last time I went to Fish & Co (at Novena) I had the set lunch of fish and chips, and ended up feeling very oily and that all the oil in the fish will zoom straight to my cronary arteries.
Anyway, the best dish here is probably the Seafood Platter for 2 ($45++) because it's a very substantial amount of seafood. 2 large prawns per person, 2 scallops, lots and lots of squid (chew until very tired), and a grilled fish fillet with cream sauce as well as their signature butter rice. They're pretty flexible and allowed us to change the fries to more rice, and the fries to salad (we ordered 2 seafood platters for 2).

Topping up $5.50 gives you a soup of the day (seafood chowder, pretty ok and a bit too creamy) as well as a drink (passionfruit soda, alot of other choices). Pretty good I must say. Exceeded my (low) expectations.

Reminiscence of my sec sch days... gosh I sound super old (but I'm NOT!!!!)

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Foodies Queen said...

Haha. Same here. It's always Fish&Co for me and my sec sch mates. Not that it is so superb good but don't know seems to be the best choice for us. Of cos, not now anymore with so many restaurants popping up. :P