Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Chiara Ristorante

A whole hoard of us went to Chiara Restaurant for a lazy Saturday lunch. I like how the whole Mohamed Sultan feels like on weekends - feels like I'm in another country. Restaurant bread that we had to request for - olive bread with with juicy olives (yummy! I like black olives) and star skewers.

For starter, I tried the shrimp cocktail with toasted bread. I like anything with cocktail sauce, so I'm not a good gauge for this.
Tuna Bruschetta looked quite good, but I didn't feel like eating tuna that day, and the Soup of the day was Cream of Asparagus - good sized portion of soup, but average.
They have the option of adding $8++ for Pan seared foie gras with almond ravioli and Apple Jus, but I was being stingy so I didn't eat it.
For the main, I had the Roasted Lamb Chop with Gremolata Baby Potatoes and Tomato Confit. The portion is absolutely minuscule. I hate small things. Especially if baby potatoeS - how can they give only TWO baby potatoes. Such an unsatisfying meal! Seriously, don't ever get the lamb chops it's the tiniest portion ever - should be classified as kids' sized. How can you feed people 2 pieces of anorexic lamb chops????!!!!! Plus 1/5th of it is fats :(

It's completely un-worth it and I think if you ever go there you should eat the Wagyu Beef (Involtinis of Wagyu Beef with Mashed Potatoes) or perhaps the Fish of the day (even though I didn't see it, how can it be tinier than the lamb chop?) I was pretty annoyed with my meal cos I paid $28 nett and I all I had for the mains was a lousy tiny lamb chop. Seriously, lamb chop isn't as ex as wagyu!!

The Chocolate mouse with Marinated Strawberries failed to redeem the meal (for me at least). It's pretty sweet and creamy, and the chocolate taste doesn't come through. I'm craving for the chocolate mousse from Koko black now (it's the bestest chocolate mousse I've tasted, though it's only in Australia I think). The panna cotta with fruit salad is pretty mediocre - nothing to rave about.

Oh well I suppose you're paying for the ambience. But give me high tea in a hotel anytime - for $29 Dining Room @ Sheraton has high tea buffet, which looks tons more impressive than this lousy lunch I had.

*Btw Claire & Kevin tell me that dinner here is very good (they're always correct about gd food :P) but I'm very sian to try this place again. Oh wells next time if I can't think of anything else to eat for dinner...

Chiara Ristorante
80 Mohamed Sultan Rd
#01-03 The Pier at Robertson
Singapore 239013
Tel 62388817

Chiara Restaurant serves a 3 course set lunch (starter, main, dessert) from 12-2.30pm.


ice said...

Poor thing. I think you shouldn't be ordering lamb anywhere for set lunches unless ala carte. Remember the little lambs at Ember? But ala carte portions for lamb are always so big!

Haha maybe this is not even Wagyu too.

claire said...

ohs the dinner was good only cos we had the complimentary starters thing which is *anything* from the first half of the menu, some even costing more than the mains (haha) and the servings were huuuge. i think appetiser alone could make a meal. but of cos if you're praying full price it's not worth it...

Anonymous said...

oh come on did u eat anything there i can tell you whats good! my father is a high class chef !!! did you try the pasta there ? i guess not and that is damn good so is the coffee ice cream btw everything is freshly made there and its better than any italian restaraunt in town !!! the twin chefs are awesome :)