Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Ayam Penyat Ria - Novena Square 2

I found these pictures in the recesses of my computer - they're very shakey cos I was using my older ixus which didn't have an image stabilizer, plus the pictures looked fine in the screen, but thye're extremely blurry. Can't survive without my image stabilizers :P

Ayam Penyat from this store in the basement which specializes in (mostly fried) Indonesian food, It costs $6.50 for the ayam penyat and a plate of rice. It comes with a juicy (and incredibly oily) chicken thigh and drumstick, a small triangle of tempeh and tofu, lots and lots of oily fried batter and extremely spicy chilli sauce. The sauce was so spicy that I didn't eat any of it. The chicken is super oily and juicy, and is very tasty, probably cos of all the salt and batter.

Left: Happy Soda for $1.80 (or was it Joy Soda or something tt sounds like Kickapoo) looks like bandung with soda water, but I didn't try it.
Right: My drink was the avocado juice which came with ample gula melaka and costs about $3 (or $3.50?).

Personally, I think that Ayam Penyat is overhyped, especiall the one in Changi Village - I've trudged there once (when I was nearby) to eat it and it's just deep fried smashed chicken with super alot of chilli sauce. Not impressive. Neither was this one , cos it's all oil and chilli sauce (which is so tongue numbing you can't taste anything else). Not something that I'll be going back for, I don't fancy clogging my atreries on this kind of food (save it for something yummier with as much artery clogging potential).

Ayam Penyat Ria
Novena Square 2

They give a staff discount of 10% to all TTSH staff, but you'll have to show them your staff pass BEFORE paying, they absolutely refuse to give any discounts after that...

Other branches at Lucky Plaza and Joo Chiat Road

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