Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Muji - Pumpkin Chiffon Cake Premix

I was at Marina Square recently, and was waiting for my Mum so I went into Muji. They have a 50% offer for all their Halloween Cake mixes. The mixes cost $9 before the discount, so I decided that there wasn't any harm trying these Japanese premixes for $4.50, and entertaining myself in the kitchen at the same time (since I'm suffering from a Disasterous _ _ _ _ _ _ _).

There were 4 different premixes (I think), including the Pumpkin Chiffon Cake, Pumpkin Sweet Cake (which I also bought cos it looked cute) and Pumpkin Cheesecake. I decided to start with the Pumpkin Chiffon Cake, cos the Japanese instructions at the back looked easier than the Sweet Cakes.
Silly me, I was trying to decipher what kind of ingredients I needed by looking through the Japanese instructions at the back (reading the Chinese words) and was agonizing over what was happenning for at least 15 mins, until I decided what-the-heck I should just see what's in the packet - and I was so relieved to find a set of Engrrrrrish instructions (which I could still understand, thankfully).
It even comes with a disposable cake tray, complete with a plastic cover if you want to da-pao it somewhere! So cool right! The Japanese are so innovative! :D It even comes with pumpkin seeds for topping.

All you need is 2 tablespoons of oil, 1 large egg, 1teaspoon of sugar and 45ml of milk.

The hard part is whisking the eggwhite and sugar into stiff peaks (I miserably failed at this on the first try, cos I was lazy and didn't clean my whisk after stirring the cake mix), but lucky I have a electric mixer. Unlike my home econ days when we had to do everything by hand.
After baking it at 170 degrees and for 25 min, the cake rises and is ready to be eaten. The disposable cake tray can even be peeled open - super cool right!The cake is light and fluffy, has a distinct pumpkin taste and is not so sweet. I'm so going back to Muji to grab a few more packets - must check the expiry date though.

My first chiffon cake is a success :) Except that I couldn't get it out of the tray:/


Unknown said...

Hey there, ur chiffon cake looks good.

m said...

hello foodies queen! Thanks to the foolproof premix:) I'm so relieved that it actually looks like a chiffon cake :P

Sihan said...

oh wow.. that looks so fun! i've got to try that out sometime. Muji.. here i come!

m said...

sihan: you shld hurry down soon - it's leftover from Halloween so there's not many packets left. But the 50% discount rocks!