Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sultan Kebab

Kebabs are one of my more favourite foods but good ones are pretty hard to find (in fact, I don't know any except the one in Clarke Quay which I have yet to try). Used to go to Cineleisure's Kyros Kebab last time, but that one closed down. Only $5 something for delicious tasting lamb and lots of lettuce cucumber and tomatoes.

Managed to try Sultan Kebab (recommended by Claire) at the very ulu hard to get to Peace centre. I don't usually go there cos it's very hard to get to (have to pass 2 erp gantries if I'm coming from Orchard) and the carpark is insanely expensive (considering that there's nothing much to do there). I think it's authentic Turkish, and I saw them hand cutting lots of beef pieces into really thin pieces to make the Döner kebab (kebab on a vertical rotating spit, according to wikipedia).
Although it's pretty oily, and they put generous amounts of chilli sauce and lettuce into the a toasted pita bread. I ate the chicken one (I think it's about $5 or $6, and my sister ate the beef). If it's more accessible I'll definitely go back cos I like eating kebabs alot (but hate trudging around to get it.
Sultan Kebab
1 Sophia Road
#01-15 Peace Centre
Tel: 6338-8750

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