Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Alexander Village

To the ppl posted to AH: Do you know that Singapore's 3rd Best Soon Kueh is right next to you? It's at this coffeeshop near Alexander Village, but dont attempt to go there during your lunch break anytime soon since all the S'poreans in the west/central area will be flocking down there - my mum went there and was puzzled to find 18 people queueing before her. It was not until she asked a stallholder in the hawker center that she found out why there was a sudden surge in the usually non-existant lunch-time que. In fact, she first thought that there was some Chinese Festival that needed soon kueh -_-" They also have ang ku kueh which comes in other colours (besides red) cos there's yam paste (purple), coconut (green i think?), mango, red bean and some other funny flavour. And the pink peach shaped teochew kueh too.

Another thing - the avocado stall also have chocolate avocado milkshake - chocolate sauce with creamy avocado - you don't need milk to have a creamy milkshake. I think it costs either $2.50 or $3. It's very sweet too. Ah people who want to try avocado but are scared that they won't like the taste should try this - avocado on top and chocolate below. If you don't like it mix everything and it'll taste like chocolate!

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