Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Krispy Kremes

In London, a normal plain glazed doughnut is 99p.
In Manila, a box of 12 assorted/filled doughunuts is S$10.

Anyway, I have no idea why S'poreans are so crazy over doughnuts - and will que for 1+ hr just to get a box. Imagine what will happen if krispy kreme ever opens here. It'll be just like NDP last time, when people had to que overnight for tickets.
The doughnuts are super popular - and super oily. It's just rolling around in oil. And it's very very very sweet.Hmm we actually have a problem of unloading our doughnuts >.<>


Ah Tiong said...

Singaporeans have an unhealthy fetish for the latest food fad.

But yes, after krispy kreme you will forget whatever rubbish doughnuts they selling here.

If your friends coming back from Jakarta, Seoul or Hong Kong can ask them get a dozen for you.

m said...

hello ah tiong
I can't believe people are still not over the doughnut fad. Imagine if Krispie Kreme sets up a branch here - there'll be choas and I bet it'll be worse than trying to get an F1 ticket!


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