Friday, August 3, 2007

Cedele (3)

Ah the whole week I've only gone out once for lunch. Cos I've been extremely busy :( But lunch was very good - with Chocolate Banana Expresso from Cedele. The cake is soft and spongy and fresh (like a Lana cake), with generous chocolate expresso icing and caramelized bananas (not the soggy yucky kind). It's pretty ex at $5 bucks but I think having it once in a while is fine.
I also tried the soup, salad and drink set (it's suposed to be $12.50, but the woman charged us for a sandwich lunch set i think, so it was $14.80 including the sandwich, when the sandwich costs $8 by itself)Out of the 4 soup of the day(s), I tried the pumpkin apple soup - it's a weird tasting soup, I can't make up my mind if it's sweet or savoury, and the apple is quite tangy. It's a nice change from the usual pumpkin soup.

The Burmese Tofu Salad with Corriander was passable - it's not very tasty, unless you consider the brown bits of fried garlic and corriander. Don't eat this if you don't like corriander though, cos you'll be wasting your money.
With soup of the day comes free flow of fresh cedele bread :D There was this walnut raisin one which was worth mentioning - the rest are like white bread and wholemeal bread. You'll also have a free flow of olive oil, balsamic vinegar or herb butter.

This is the rosemary chicken burger with cranberry sauce - the highlight of the whle burger is the cranberry sauce - it's not overly sweet and it's sour like how cranberry should be. But I prefer the tofu chicken burger cos it's softer and juicier.

The quiche set comes with salad and a drink - I think it's about $10.50. This is the apple orange almond salad but I didnt try this. The quiche is just like a quiche (I don't really like quiches so it's not for me to say).Science Canteen has a new cafe/restaurant - it's called 'Megabites' cos it's in the computing building -_-

The food there looks promising and cheap - hope the quality is good (unlike some other cafe in science...)

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