Sunday, August 12, 2007

PLUCK - Kaya Sundae

I saw a post on huilin's blog so since I wanted to try the Moroccan place which was in the same area, I couldn't resist trying the ice cream too! (The shops is indeed quite hard to find...)Super cool Kaya Sundae - Lots of gooey kaya with coconut ice cream and crumbled biscuits. $6.I wonder why no one has thought of such a brilliant idea - coconut ice cream and kaya (which is coconut jam). Of course, being cheapskate me, my 1st thought after eating the ice cream was to go and buy a tub of coconut ice cream and a nice bottle of home made kaya to make it myself at the fraction of the cost...
I'm actually thinking that for people who like kaya toast, it'll be brilliant to have the crispy super thin and brittle kaya toast with a scoop of coconut ice cream on top (like the Pulut hitam with a scoop of coconut ice cream...)
Or maybe even coconut ice cream with kaya swirls - haha it should be Singapore's export - like vanilla ice cream with raspberry swirls (Raspberry Ripple - haven't eaten that for so super long! used to be my fave ice cream last time - eat with the thin wafer)

The shop has alot of other unique flavours, but I was feeling too sugared to try anymore :( there was avocado gula malaka (which is the next flavour that i'll be coming back to try after end of posting test >.<) and lychee martini (which will be the 2nd scoop that I will try on the next time i come back)
Other flavours include Blueberry cheese cake, bitter chocolate, chocolate marshmellow, chocolate mint, peach bum, chendol, baileys irish cream, and red bean gula melaka.
I think they're part of Ice cremery or something cos the ice cream cartons have the ice creamery sticker??

Anyway, Pluck is hard to find cos it's actually half a shop - the other half sells those nice to look at very ex things - looks super nice right? Plucked is actually very small - only got space for 3 tables...


31 Haji Lane

Tel 63964048

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