Sunday, August 26, 2007

Teochew Porridge

Hmm blogger is being irritating and refusing to let me upload my photos for the past few days :(

This post is on porridge. Actually, alot of people don't eat porridge on normal days cos they associate it with being sick (dunno why when sick must eat such disgusting bland food - sure loose appetite one - I'm sure there are other easy-to-disgest food that isn't bland and yucky).
Anyway, that's beside the point - Crystal jade has really good porridge but that's Cantonese. This one is Teochew, and it isn't bland.

There's lots of dishes to add to the porridge (or rice if you please) such as fish, sotong, meats etc and lots of vegetables. It's pretty hard to describe but I would think of it as economical rice but then it's porridge instead. This is the que at the store that I like to go to. It's 10+pm on Wednesday night and yet there are so many people in front of me. And it's not that they're slow and ploddy about the serving - they're very efficient and organized - just that it's very popular, especially amongst the cab drivers cos the food is cheap and tasty.Here's what we ordered. Lots of dishes and porridge (it's the kind that you can still see the rice grains, unlike the Cantonese one where all the rice is boiled till it's gooey).
This is the view from outside - it's located along Henderson road and you can see it from the main road.

Block 116 Bukit Merah View
(Along Henderson Road)
Closed on Tuesdays

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ice said...

Hey I didn't realise you blogged about my favorite Teochew porridge stall before! This place's really cheap and good!

I see my favorite vege dish on your table too. :)