Sunday, August 12, 2007

Deli Moroccan

One of the best value for money places - and with delicious food too. It's an alfresco cafe which serves good moroccan food (it's quite crowded for such a small place) - but don't go there if you're rushing - the service is snailey. Probably cos they're understaffed and not local, so the food takes really long to come out.

*Edit* Forgot to mention earlier - there's plus points for them serving water.

Moroccan Tea ($2.50) - Mint tea, with lots of fresh mint
Hommus Salad ($2.50) - Tomato, Onions and Chick peas in a creamy dressingChicken Tagin ($6.50) This dish is comes with a cone shaped lid (but I didn't get a picture of it). The chicken is tender, the sauce delicious but not salty, and the potatoes soft but not soggy.
Pita Bread ($1 each)Chicken Kebab ($4) - this is the price of chicken chop at food courts! The chicken has a very nice marinade, and is tender and juicy - with a side of tomato and onion salad.
Deli Moroccan
31 Bussorah Street (Nearset MRT is Bugis - this is at the Kampong Glam area)
It's one shop away from teh 7-11 on Bussorah street -the parking's terrible - but it's free on sundays and public holidays and after 5pm on weekdays.

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