Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Fre(n)sh - Fresh and French (3)

Super outdated post - I haven't been eating out (properly). And since patho has been canceled, so has our Monday 2h lunches. But wait till Sun, I'll have at least one good post then :D

Fromage Blanc from fre(n)sh - this time it's made with chestnut paste - I much prefer the fig jam I had last time but they had strawberry or marmalade that day. It's quite powdery, and has the cosistency of jam. I think it's about $6 or $5 plus if you get it by itself, but I'm not too sure of the price.
Another noteworthy dessert is the Tiramisu - it's quite unlike the tiramisu in other local restaurants cos it has a much much much more generous alcohol content inside :D it's about $5, quite worth it since I'm quite sure there's at least half a shot inside that.
Creamy chocolatey and alcoholic.

1 Harbourfront Walk
#01-163 Vivocity
Phone 63768005

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