Sunday, August 26, 2007


Went to Garibaldi for lunch on Sat - the lunch sets here are nicer than Au petit salut, but it's really hard to find parking and parking is super ex. Anyway, Garibaldi is Italian, Aupetit salut is French so it isn't a gd comparison...The starter I tried was Gorgonzola Cheese Cheese with Hazelnuts and salad. Its pretty interesting cos I've never eaten a dish like that - and the cheese was nice and warm.
The cheese is a type of Blue Cheese (but I wouldnt know since I don't think I have eaten blue cheese) which is baked and is runny in the center, and comes in this egg-like thing. This was the shrimp salad with citrus dressing (which I didn't try).The Pumpkin and crab meat soup - tastes normal. I think my cheese was the best tasting most unique starter.This is my lamb shank with mashed pumpkin - I like pumpkin in any way and I think it's a nice alternative to the usual mashed potato. The lamb was soft flaky and tender. Mushroom and Chicken pasta - the pasta was very fresh.
The best looking dish was the salmon cos of the impressive presentation. But I didn't try it.

Dessert of the day - Vanilla and Dark Chocolate ice cream - the dark chocolate ice cream is super delicious and chocolatey.

Argh I just realised I forgot to take a picture of the delicious bread (which they served so many helpings to hungry us). It's freshly baked foccacia with sundried tomatoes and you can really taste the tomatoes. And they served it throughout our meal so we kept eating the bread.

The set lunch costs about $32+++ and the dinners are really super expensive (but delicious) so don't go there till you have a special occasion (or lots and lots of $$) :S

36 Purvis Street
Singapore 188613
Tel: (65) 6837 1468


f|sh said...

aiyo ok you beat everyone! you got the best starter :P :P

m said...

haha i best you in wishing wl happy birthday first! HOHOHO fastest fingers first