Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Japanese Grapes

When Qoo (the one-eared cat drink) was first available in Singapore, we used to wonder how 'white grape', which was the first flavour launched, could taste like that - syrupy sweet. But wonder no more - when I first ate Japanese Grapes, I instantly thought of Qoo (even though these are red/black grapes and not white grapes...)The grapes are normal sized (not like those USA giant variety) and have black thick skins. But don't worry about the skins - you're not supposed to eat them - and you don't even have to tediously peel them - cos these are slip-skin grapes.

Just bite the top of the grape off, and there'll be one or two seeds inside (for the bigger grapes, there may be three, but never more) and then use your teeth to take them out.
After that, put it in your mouth and squeeze it against the roof of your tongue and all the nice syrupy sweet pulp will explode out, leaving the thick skin (like how spiders suck the juices out of their prey and leave the skins behind)These grapes are on offer now - they're pretty ex and are $9.90 a box. Usually, it's $16.90. I get mine from Cold Storage, but I suppose that all the big supermarkets would have these. Japanese grape season does not last long so hurry hurry hurry! (There are japanese grapes grown in Taiwan, and Korean grapes. The latter is quite nice too, but the Taiwan one is, just like imitation Japanese grapes...)

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