Saturday, September 1, 2007

Yong Tau Foo - Alexander Village

The above is supposedly lasagne, but it tastes nothing like lasagne. It has scraps of soggy lasagne, and a weird tasting meat sauce, and lots of artificial parmesan cheese on top :S and it's super ex. Lucky we're saved from the dismal canteen since Alexander Village is located close by.

This is the only kind of yongtaufoo I eat - I think i've eaten my lifetime quota of the pick and mix kind of yongtaufoo already.
This is the kind that comes as a set and there's no choosing. And even better, the noodles are really tasty cos of the bakchor (minced meat). It's very oily too, but you can always ask for less oil (though this may compromise the taste, depending on the condition of your taste buds)This is the standard meal (excluding the kangkong) and costs $3. It's $3.50 if you add extra kangkong. You can also have kangkong with yellow bean sauce (i think) for $4. The minced meat makes the noodles nice and tasty (even without sauce) and the tofu is fresh and smooth.
You get about 7 pieces of yongtaufoo, and bittergourd is optional.
Hmm i don't know how to read the chinese words on the signboard... It's located 2 stalls away from the Old Punggol satay stall.

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