Saturday, September 22, 2007

brotzeit - German Food at Vivocity

So we went to vivo on friday and didn't know what to eat, and ended up slacking on these chairs right infront of brotzeit. Thus, we ate dinner there (so we didn't have to walk so far).
Tried 3 different dishes for dinner - the Pork Kunckles, Seafood platter and a salad.Salatteller mit Huhn - it's spicy chicken sausage salad - lots of leaves cos you're paying $16.50. Protect your intestines from all the free radicles.
Pork Kunckle ($32) - pretty steep price (I would say that if you wanted pork knuckles, try wernier's oven at siglap - it's cheaper for about the same taste) and it came with sour potatoes and sauerkraut. Of course, the skin was all roasted till it was crackley, but I don't think it's much to rave about. Pretty average.
This is the seafood platter ($28.90) which when we first saw, felt quite dissappointed. It was supposed to be a seafood platter for two, and it's pretty little and unfilling, especially if you're two normal people - I don't see how two people can be full after this. Nevertheless, it was quite good (taste wise, not portion wise) and I particularly liked the crab salad (the red stuff) which was very tasty (not salty either) and refreshing with the cucumbers and olives. It also came with some kind of sour preserved fish in oil, seared tuna, smoked salmon and 3 deep fried prawns.
They have another platter called the Cold platter, which has black forest ham and lots of other pate, which I aim to try if I go back again. Hopefully it'll be bigger.

Service is good, slightly above average - the waiters know the menu well and they're also attentive and top up your water frequently. However, I thought it was in bad taste that they were trying to chase us off after we finished our meal.

Please make a reservation for Fridays and weekends if you want to sit inside, but on a cool evening it's quit tolerable outside, though you may get a housefly buzzing around wanting to share your food.

UOB has a 15% discount, so our about $90+ meal was $77.45 :D

#01-149-151 Vivocity
Tel 62728815

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