Saturday, September 22, 2007

Red Tea Jelly - At Alexander Village

The first time I discovered Red Tea Jelly was at Changi Village. But I have since found another one at Alexander Village (which is so much closer and accessible). However, the two red tea jellies are quite different.
I think they make this by themselves, cos there are sediments of tea leaves at the bottom of the jelly. There's also alot less colouring - this looks more natural and with the reddish brown hue of normal tea. There also isn't any red colouring which will bleed into the milk and make it look like bandung.

The textures are similar, both like konnyaku jelly. The one from changi village is actually imported from taiwan (the lady showed me the box).

Anyway, i think it isn't worth the trudge all the way to the east (for me at least) for red tea jelly and the one at alexander village will suffice.

Red Tea Jelly can be found at the Blue Ribbon Dessert Store at Alexander Village. It's in the middle of the hawker center.

It's $2.10 per bowl.

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