Saturday, September 1, 2007

___ Jia Ji Coconut Rice

yikes my chinese is so horrible is the first word dao or liu?? or liang or something :S:S:S Anyway, i'm quite sure the back is coconut rice :D I was wandering around Alexander Village wondering what to eat when I walked past my favourite Avocado Milkshake Stall and saw this horribly long que (about 10 persons long) and was curious (but slightly doubtful on the quality of food cos people que for everything here-_-")

The que moves quite fast even though it's a one man show inside - the guy's really efficient and he fries the eggs (each is freshly fried), dish out the rice and collects money all by himsef.

Basically, they have various rice combinations, from the Royal Chicken Curry Rice ($4), sambal prawns, sambal sotong, spicy chicken rice and nasi lemak. (All these prominently displayed with large fonts so you can see exactly what you're getting).

I decided to try the Spicy Chicken rice, which comprises of a drumstick (deep fried with crispy skin), deep fried egg, deep fried luncheon meat, deep fried ikan billis and peanuts, oily rice and a sliver of cucumber and a nice dollop of chilli. This must be one of the most unhealthy stalls around >.< My plate is a mini Brunei.

When I asked him if I could replace the ikan billis with long beans (which is given with some of the other sets) he said I had to pay an additional 50 cents whether I wanted the ikan billis or not. Dunno how come these stall holders are so unflexible. Isn't long beans cheaper than ikan billis? Maybe the law of equivalent trade hasn't occurred to them.

Anyway, the picture above shows my Spicy Chicken Set - the portions are quite small - the drumstick is skinny. This costs $3.
I really don't see what the fuss or que for this is about. It's just oil oil oil oil oil i cant taste any coconut. The chilli, like any nasi lemak chilli, is really nice, the chicken crispy and the egg is charred with lots of benzopyrenes. Top all these with a good chunk of nitrate filled luncheon meat and eat this for a month and you'll probably be guaranteeing some colon malignancy.

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