Monday, September 10, 2007

The Chocolate Factory

Brilliant chocolate desserts, but no water. Ah this looks to me like another Bakerz Inn - very good desserts but no water. I mean, seriously, if you served water, I'll be able to wash down all that sticky sweet goodness and eat more! This is the crispy chocolate tart - everyone liked this one and no one wanted to eat the sad chocolate cake. The surface is so smooth and glossy, can see your reflection inside! And it's oozingly sweet and chocolately and delicious and with little crispy things (at the base). Pardon the shaky pictures - *stressed* cos everyone waiting for me to finish taking so they can devour it!
The chcolate cake would be good - if there wasn't any crispy chocolate tart to out-shine it. It's actually not that bad - and it's much bigger than the chocolate tart.

Basically, the ambience is quite nice just that some of the staff were a bit uppity and dao and ignored us most of the time! Such a pity since it's a nice place with delicious food! And they don't serve water so buu
The Chocolate Factory
The Pier on Robertson Quay
80 Mohamed Sultan Road
Singapore 239013
Tel 62359007

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