Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Hong Kong Cafe - Novena Branch

I like the millions of dishes Hong Kong Cafe serve, as well as their nice thick toast and desserts! I'm so happy that there's a branch nearer my house and there's free carpark nearby.

This is the XO fried carrot cake ($5.50) which I don't like. Its apparently very famous and popular but I personally don't like it cos it's $5.50 for these lard-chip like things. And it's so super oily you'll feel very nua after eating it. Maybe people like it cos it's like eating lard chips. And$5.50 is way too steep for carrotcake (such a tiny portion too).This is the Macau Baked Rice ($14 something), which is perfect for people who can't make up their minds and want to try everything :D It's a super huge portion for one person (if you're hungry then eat this yourself) but I would probably share it (so i can eat more dessert).

In this, there are three types of baked rice - seafood baked rice with cream, porkchop baked rice with tomato sauce (tastes a bit like sweet and sour sauce), as well as chicken chop in some special sauce (I can't remember the name). The sauce reminds me of non-spicy curry, a bit like the Portugese Beef Hor Fun at Crytal Jade.

It's topped with nicely browned cheese, and it's really nice cos I like having variety. They also have many variants of these, including a Yam and Pumpkin sauce, which I shall try next time.

This is my all time favourite dessert - the Mango Queen. It's a bit different from the one I had at Hong Kong Cafe Siglap cos the coconut pudding is really nice and creamy. Nevertheless, the mango was fragrant and sweet and icy and refreshing. ($5) This is the Plain French Toast (it's about $3) which is fried to a golden crisp on the outisde and cotton wool soft inside. It comes with honey (though I think it's golden syrup not honey) and you can pour as much honey as you want inside. Ah I like bread alot! The french toast here is really good! I'm getting very hungry blogging about it.

Hong Kong Cafe is located opposide Novena Church (next to Novena Square) along the same row of shops as Peach Garden (nearer the bus stop and overhead bridge).

It's opened from 1130am to 1130pm


ice said...

lurve the french toast!esp w peanut butter!

m said...

I quite like the french toast here, but i think tong shui does a better peanut butter toast. Nevertheless, the peanut butter toast here is quite good.