Friday, September 14, 2007

Sarabat - Nasi Lemak

Omg - I didn't know Causeway Point was so happenning until now! There is so super alot of food there - and not the crystal jade and seoul garden kind only! Got Soup Restaurant, Ichiban Sushi, Siam Kitchen, Each A Cup Bubble Tea, Sweet Talk bubble tea, Gelare, Pink Yogurt, Big Cake Bakery, Pasta Mania, Four Leaves Bakery, Old Chang Kee, Seoul Garden, Swensens, Crystal Jade Bakery and Crystal Jade My Kitchen etc etc etc (I can't remember anymore). To top it off, there are not one but TWO food courts, and the Horizon food court is so big too! (and the tables are clean).
It's so far up north that it's not worth the effort trudging there (must as well cross the causeway while you're at it) but I just discovered today that there is so much food packed in there.

And it's so un-crowded - so fantastic! I hate jostling with the lunch crowd (makes me feel old cos I wear the same formal stuff as them) and the whole place was so empty! Actually, it wasn't that empty, but it's like Giant at the former turft city on a weekday.

This is my Nasi Lemak Kampung (or something liddat - I'm not sure of the order of words), which is above average. Firstly, the presentation is fantastic for a food court dish. It's so huge and with so many colours and looks really good. And it's very special in that they give you a curry chicken wing instead of the usual deep fried crispy chicken wing. There are lots of the cracker thing and abundance of peanut and ikan billis (all of which I don't quite like) and they even give you kangkong and tomato!
It's a very very satisfying meal (or just enough if you're ultra hungry) and the rice is very fragrant - smells strongly and tastes strongly of coconut. And it's completely not clumpy at all.
The chilli is full of onions and is very tasty and not too sweet. I particularly liked the curry chicken wing, which I thought was rather unique. The curry is the thick coconut kind and the rempa they use is really delicious and it has the sediments (I don't know how to call all the fibrous stuff in the curry - and sediments sound better than sludge). Although I thought it was a bit too salty for my liking, and that it was spicy too, I managed to eat the whole plate of curry gravy.
It costs $5.80 but don't be deterred by the cost - the portion is really very big. They are having a promotion now, where you add 40 cents for a hot teh tarik. The teh tarik is very milky, thick and frothy and worth the additional 40 cents.

They also have nasi goreng ($3.80), which has the nice wok fried smell and taste, and spicy and peppery.

The crispy toast, however, was a dissappointment. Firstly, the picture showed TWO pieces of toast for $1.60. I thought this was quite ok (a bit ex but the picture looked very good) but it turned out to be ONE piece. So that means this little bun which is the size of a small bread roll costs $1.60. Completely not worth it. If it were cheaper, I would say that it's average - soft bread with crispy crust.

Lots and lots and lots of butter.

Horizon Food Court
Causway Point
Level 5
Near the Fruit Stall

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