Saturday, September 22, 2007

Fish Soup and Yam Rice

When we go to Alexander Village for lunch, we always pass by this coffeeshop with a super long que. So being early for lunch one day, we decided to try the fish bee hoon cos we thought the que was shorter. However, there were already about 14 people in the que. But it was still shorter than before, and being true Singaporeans, our competitive streaks said that we die die must try cos everyone else was queueing and it was sure to be good.

The dish that most people were trying was the deepfried fish beehoon. I suppose if you want to eat deep fried food, having it in soup will negate the extra calories (as compared to something dry like bak chor mee with lard). And since it's fish, it's healthy.
The fish is deepest fried so much that the texture resembles KFCs popcorn chicken. But it's fish not chicken. The batter is tasty with lots of seasoning, and so is the soup.
You can get soup with Yam Rice, which is rice with a few fragments of yam and blackened with soya sauce. It's a change from the usual white rice, and my meal (above) costs $3.30.
I tried the unfried version - the Seafood Soup which came with two fishballs. I must say the the fishballs are not bad - they're pretty soft so I suppose they don't use too much flour. But the unfried fish slices were nothing to rave about it wasn't as fresh as I expected it to be, probably cos this is "frying quality" fish?The soup is rather salty, with the slight taste of 'hua tiao jiu', and it's loaded with long cabbage. I'm not sure if it's because it was an exceptionally hot day, or the soup was rather salty, but I was very thirsty after eating this.
My conclusion: Queing up so long for the food will make you feel that the food is better cos you're soooo hungry after that long que.

Pigs Organ Soup Seafood Soup/Bee hoon Fried Fish Pork Porridge Yam rice can be found at either Block 126 or 127 (it's the block with the Bird shop further down and it's next to this small confectionary shop) along Bukit Merah Lane. It's not in Alexander Village, but in a coffeeshop near it.

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