Sunday, September 9, 2007

Brussel Sprouts

Brussel Sprouts serves Belgium cusine, something that I've never tried before. Apparently, mussels are very popular, and they have mussels dones in 17 different styles, including 14 steamed and 3 oven baked with different condiments. Here's the starter size mussles ($$18 for 300 g) which comes with free flow of thick cut fries. It also comes in a main course size, which costs $38 for much more I suppose. 300g is roughly = to 20 pieces of small mussles (the ones we had were from France).
We tried the Mussles A La Leffe Brune, which comes with onions, celery, cream, parsley, butter and a more than generous helping of Leffe Brune beer (it was quite alcoholic even though it was cooked already).
The mussles were soft and tender, completely unlike the chewy hard kind that you find on the cold platters. They were nice and clean, and not a single mussle was sandy and gritty. In fact, they were so tender and not chewy that they reminded me of scallops, except that they had the slight metallic taste of mussles.We tried the Soup of the day (Edamame Soup, on the right, $9) as well as the Mussel Nage soup ($12). The edamame soup was thick and had a very strong taste of edamame, which was quite interesting.
The mussle nage soup is Mussels with curry but is completely not spicy. The soup was very tastey and creamy, and there were 3 tender mussles inside.

Our next starter was the Ham and Cheese Mushroom Crepe ($12). The crepe was drenched in lots of cheese sauce and the mushroom, ham and cheese were very finely minced.

It's really delicious and cheesy and warm.
We tried the Cod Fillet with some special beer and cheese sauce (I can't remember what kind of sauce). It was first baked and then flamed and it came with 3 pieces of mussels (this place has really good mussels)
The chicken Forestier was chicken cooked in some other kind of sauce. It was average - really can't beat the mussels since they were so good. ($22)The Syrup De Leige Pudding ($14 -Belgium's answer to Sticky Date Pudding) has unsurped my number one favourite sticky date pudding from Marmalade pantry. It's slightly more expensive and for less pudding, and the ice cream is only average, but the sticky date pudding is really realy sticky and chewy! Ah I hope my sister learns to bake sticky date pudding soon or not i'll be spending lots of money :SBelgium - Where Tin Tin comes from, they have Captain Haddock, Prof Calculus and Thompson and Thomson on the wall! (Snowy too!)

The service is really good too! But it's quite expensive, so this bring your parents :D

Brussel Sprouts
80 Mohamed Sultan Road
#01-12 The Pier @ Robertson
Singapore 239013
Tel 8874344

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