Sunday, September 30, 2007

Jane's 21st!

Happy 21st Birthday Jane!

Of course, if the person who recommends so many restaurants on this blog is hosting a party, the food sure to be good. And the menu was changed cos I don't eat beef! So there was ZERO beef during the dinner and I could eat EVERYTHING :D

The starter was pork knuckle, scallop with something and yummy prawn in shredded filo pastry.
This is the chinese yam with chicken congee - got these crunchy bits of yam and the chicken was pureed so the porridge was very homogenous and I could see little chicken fibres inside! I'm sure if they served this in the hospital, the patients won't loose their appetites.
My fave dish - the Kurobuta Pork (black pig) which was very very very good - it didn't taste like pork at all and didn't have the usual porky smell, and was super soft and yummy. It came with a coffee sauce and shredded cabbage. This is the best pork i've had to date - Tampopo can't compare to this (unless maybe if i pay alot alot...)
Looks like abalone but it's actually mushroom with home made beancurd and vegetables. I got to steal yj's and tyantyan's veggies cos they didnt like the taste - but it's good for you cos it's full of iron!
Crab Vermicelli - just before dessert! and cake cutting of course! The dessert was fantastic - pity I don't have a picture right now - got mango sago, yummy chocolate and mango gelato (the chocolate was so super good i think I had 4 scoops of ice cream altogether) and the banana red bean fritters were the yummiest I've eaten! The batter was so nice and crispy it reminded me of tempura!
Ah I dunno what the restaurant name is but its at Tower Club >.<

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ian said...

omg! i love the tower club restaurant! haha. so posh and so nice and the food is nice too! heh (: