Saturday, September 1, 2007

Paisley and Cream - Life with Passion

Ok, we've walked past Paisley and Cream before, but today, for the life of me, we walked so many rounds round central (actually, not complete rounds that's why we kept missing it). We spent at least 15 min walking round and round trying to locate Paisley and Cream >.< It faces Eu Tong Sen Street btw. And you can only access it from outisde Central.
Happy Sale Signs :D 30% off ALL food items :D
Nice table and menu. The menu is really unique, with lots of names of famous people inside - I really want to go and try the breakfast menu!
Light Cheesecake with Fresh Strawberries $6. This is the first cheesecake I've seen that has real vanilla beans inside. It will be described as a light cheesecake with a really great taste - I think this will be my favourite cheesecake for the time being. It's not like the rich ones, and it's still really creamy and tasty.
I really like the strawberry sauce - I'm not sure if they make it themselves, but it's really full of strawberries, slightly tart to balance the sweet cheesecake and with lots of strawberry hair (or fur, whichever you might want to call it). Does strawberry hair = to lots of real strawberries used?
I ate the Double Chocolate Cupcake ($5). I thoguht it was pretty steep for a cupcake, but they give a good scoop of fresh cream (for those of you who are indulgent). The chocolate cupcake is really really chocolately. I would say don't eat this by yourself it's really very filling! I'm not quite a chocolately person so this would be average. Cupcakes are $2.50 after 5pm, so that's the best time to zooooom down and get some! $2.50 for these wonderlfully iced cupcakes is a real steal!

They also had some desserts not on the menu, such as a Red Velvet Chocolate Cake, which sounded really unique but I wasn't feeling too adventurous today (which I regret now). They have English Bread and Butter Pudding laced with apricot glaze and topped with fresh strawberries ($6), which I would definitely try the next time. They have minature cupcakes as well, and different flavours of the big cupcake.These are the Snow Capped Lemon Muffins - which are full of lemon zest and topped with white sugar and lemon icing. Reminds me of a circus:D The strawberry muffins looked really yummy but then I didn't get a shot of them T-TPaisley and Cream

6 Eu Tong Sen Sreet #01-09/10

The Central

Singapore 059817

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audrey said...

mich!! i love love love the chocolate cupcakes! im gonna get some for myself! and i actually ate the whole chocolate cupcake by myself! ok la, claire had like one bite =P haha but its damn damn nice!