Friday, September 14, 2007

Royal Curry Chicken Rice

Here's another dish from the stall with the name that I can't pronounce. It's the Royal Curry Chicken Rice, and it comes with nice yellow rice. The rice is slightly wetter than nasi lemak rice, and the combination of colours make the dish better for eating. I'm not sure if the rice has coconut, but it's as oily as chicken rice.
It costs $3.50, and comes with a chicken drumstick, ikan billis and lots of peanuts, fried green beans with chilli, fried lunchoen meat and fried egg. The curry sauce was deliciously thick and creamy, and the chicken was a bit small.

Unlike the last time, my fried egg wasn't cooked till charred and crispy, but had it's yolk still runny. The luncheon meat, on the other hand was cooked till it was so hard and crispy and tasted of oil. The dish's probably more lethal than chicken rice.

Btw, this stall isn't Malay like the usual nasi lemak, it's run by this Chinese guy.

Alexander Village
Next to the Avocado Milkshake Stall in the middle

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