Sunday, September 2, 2007


Today is the 5th time I've been to Vansh - and it's a really nice place to go to cos the ambience and food is really good! They have really nice seats with lots of cushions and also have al fresco dining along the river. Starter was something like pappadums but in shape of cigars - and with these 3 sauces. The first one was some herb yoghurt sauce, the second some very spicy sauce and the third was a sweet mango yoghurt sauce (which is my favourite).The white stuff at the back is Madras Curd Rice ($14), which we didn't like. It's rice with lassi, but it's really thick lassi. And it's really expensive too. Try the seafood briyani - it's much better.

Infront of the rice is the Fish Masala ($18)- the fish is tender and flaky, and the curry is tasty and not too rich.

On the right is the Tandoori Chicken ($16). The tandoori chicken is very moist and juicy and tastes really good. It's not like the horrible dry and hard kind that you find elsewhere. If this place wasn't so ex, I would visit it many many many more times.

This is the lamb kebab, I think it's called Malmali Sheek or Murg Angar. Im not too sure - one of them is the chicken and the other is the lamb. It's minced lamb kebab, and the lamb is really soft and yummy. ($16)
This is the Deccan Vegetable Curry ($14). It has lots of curry and coconut and is pretty spicy. It sort of reminds me of sayur lodeh. My all time favourite dish - Butter Chicken ($18). It's tender chicken cooked in a tangy tomato sauce and it goes really well with naan. I have to order butter chicken whenever I eat at any Indian restaurant :D

Garlic naan, Butter Naan and plain naan. $4 for each naan. I like the garlic naan best.

Btw, we over ordered cos the curries are relly filling - if you order, order about 1 dish per person and a naan each, or not you'll be exploding by the end of the meal.


2 Stadium Walk #01-04

Singapore Indoor Stadium

Singapore 397891

Tel 63445344


JANEy said...

vansh super super yummy
did you eat the kulfi there?

Anonymous said...

You must try "Chat Masala Too" at Greenwood Avenue! It's near lana cake shop and Sebastien's.

I loved the butter chicken, eggplant strips,naans, tandoori and banana in rum there.