Friday, September 28, 2007

Da Palo Gastronomia - Great World City

Black and White Chocolate cake - it's fluffy moist spongy and yummy - thought a bit too sweet but it's really nice for $8 you get quite a good sized cake and it's chocolately and smells wonderful.
Compared to those cafe $5 cakes, i'd rather top it up by $3 to get these wonderfully huge portions :D

Banana cake - $3 for a small piece - it's packed full with bananas and it's very dense too. I suppose you're paying for all that bananas.

All the desserts in the cooler - got so many! Tiramisu, strawberry cheesecake, black forest, banana chocolate cake, hazel nut cake, nutella cup cake etc etc etc it's about $8 for a small box, so tt's why we got the biggest box we could find for $8 - the Black and White Chocolate cake :D
Meringue - $4 each for a big piece
Lemon cupcakesThey have lots of other take-away stuff, including pasta sauces (a very wide range indeed) and I can't wait to go to the chip bee branch (nearer my house) to grab some sauces (cos they need to be refridgerated)

Da Palo is located next to That CD shop

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