Friday, September 7, 2007

Mariott Cafe

What's better than eating a good buffet?
Eating a good buffet for free.
Thanks to K & C! :D
My first time eating at Marriott. Yummy dinner to round off a quite good week and a good Friday.

This is the buffet dinner at Marriott cafe - the spread was good, not so overwhelmingly big like the line of course, but nevertheless, just enough to let you try a bit of everything. The main courses were quite strong and I went back for more(which I usually don't - usually just eat lots of seafood and sashimi).
Seafood like mussels, oysters, crayfish and steamed crab.
Salmon sashimi and various types of sushi.
Two soups - Lotus Root and Pork Rib (didn't try it, no more space), Summer Farmer (clear vegetable soup with beans)
For salads and appetisers, the chicken salad (with corn pineapple and some other fruits), Mushroom salad (tangy dressing), smoked salmon, and Japanese Baby Octopus.
There's a roast beef station and a kebeb station.
Main courses were like baked potatoes, charsiew, chinese vegetable dishes, salmon in herb cream sauce with roasted vegetables, roasted vegetables with herbs, beehoon (with the tze char taste somemore!), chicken with chinese herbs, tandoori chicken etc etc etc.

Cheeses from the cheese platter - lots of nice cheeses and crackers. I quite liked the soft cheeses but I have no idea what type of cheese it is - tastes good so it doesn't matter what kind. The best parts of the buffet - lots of oysters (fresh ones too) and big juicy prawns and crayfishes. And tangy cocktail sauce to go along with it.They even had pita bread and kebab made on the spot.
The dessert spread was wonderful - it really stole the show. They have lots of cakes from the Marriott cake shop too. There's apple celery (I couldn't find the celery though), Lychee Martini (it's a creamy slightly cheesy cake), Mango and Lime (really delicious, the mango taste was really strong and the lime gave it a tangy aftertaste, and it's a mousse like cake in between 2 layers of soft sponge), Black forest cake, Mixed Nut Tart and Lemon Tart.There was also small servings of dessert like Mixed Berry Compote, Caramel Custard, Oreo Cheesecake, Tiramisu, Strawberry Shortcake and a very nice 3 layered chocolate mousse with mocha at the bottom.This is a strawberry jelly (I can't remember the posh name) and mango pudding. The mango pudding had the most intense mango taste that I've ever tried, and I kept thinking how wonderful this would be chilled with a bit of alcohol. The mango is very fragrant and it's really delicious, apart from the room-temperature.There was also Bread and Butter Pudding, and Chinese Desserts such as Longan Almond Jelly, Grass Jelly and Sea coconut.

My stomach is so full tt it doesn't have a lesser curve anymore.

Dinner costs $47.50 ++ for adults


Anonymous said...

why would your stomach not have a lesser curve??

audrey said...
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audrey said...

o anonymous: its cos mich says her stomach is too distended with food that her lesser curve has turned into a bulge haha!

Lisa said...

And hurry up go get a tagboard.

claire said...

omg mich i had like 3 buffets + 1 degustation set this weekend if not i would have tried to squeeze in the marriott one myself! glad you liked it! :D