Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Provence (Holland Village) is a Japanese bakery. My favourite confectionary from provence is the Milk Bun.
It's a soft fragrant (the freshly baked kind of smell) bun and has a milk filling. The milk filling has the texture a bit smoother and more wobbly than custard, and tastes like milk with a hint of cream cheese. It's not too sweet either.
I think this is really unique and I don't think you can get it else where.

These buns sell like hotcakes, and it's baked fresh twice daily. Depending on the day, the timings can range from 12 to 2. DO give them a call before you pop by, and you might want to consider making a reservation for the buns.

Provence is in Holland Village, and is opposite Subway.

Tel: 64676966

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