Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Poh Cheu Ang Ku Kueh

Multi coloured ang ku kueh. Whenever I see ang ku kueh, I keep thinking about the play 'A Twist of Fate', where the angkukueh mould plays an important part in the storyline. This store sells lots of kuehs, including soon kueh (in turnip and bamboo versions), the pink coloured teochew kueh filled with glutinous rice, the chives kueh, and lots of ang ku kueh. For a post on the Soon Kueh, go here.

Hmm I just found out today that Ang Ku Kueh in chinese is Hong Gui Guo (accoding to the signboard). And one day after watching 881 (support local talent), I realised that 881 is ba ba yao and not ba1 ba1 yi1 >.<
This is a durian ang ku kueh - I didn't try it but it smells really nice and durian-ish. I hate eating durian outside (unless i'm cheonging home rightaway) cos then i'll get durian breath.

I will always eat the normal green bean angkukueh cos I'm very boring once I find anything that I like to eat (like the yongtaufoo in Alexander Village).
The angkukueh has nice soft chewy and slightly sweet skin, and there's a good amount of filling (not like the very flat ones). I like all these kuehs with banana leaves, cos I think it makes it more fragrent (like kueh tutu).
There's so many flavours - Normal green bean (which isn't green - it's yellow), salted bean (which I don't quite like), Green tea (I haven't tried it), Coconut, Yam, Peanut and Durian.

Poh Cheu Handmade Ang Ku Kueh and Soon Kueh

Bukit Merah Lane

Eeps I don't know the address - I'll try to find it the next time I drop by. It's in this coffeshop near Alexander Village, but not in it.

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