Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Holland Village Nasi Lemak

I wanted to eat the Katong Laksa (at the same store) at first, but then I saw such a huge huge variety of food for choosing, and decided that my chili tolerance was probably too low (even though the day was cool and rainy and perfect for laksa). There's so much food that maybe they should call it Nasi Padang with Nasi Lemak. And all the foods look super good too! It must be the lighting...After peering at the display for such a long time (and being warned by Fish that the food here is very expensive one meat is $1.50 and one vegetable is $1, I decided to narrow down my huge list of want to eat to a mere 4 dishes. The bitter gourd is very bitter. But everything else was good, the sayur lodeh was quite spicy (my poor chili tolerance) but it was nice and coconutty. I bet I'll be one of those 20+ yr olds with atherosclerosis :S Mine costs $4.50. This is fish's food - it's $5. Cos I think otak is a meat? Anyway, the signboard says that the price ranges from $2, and we were thinkig that it was probably like $2 for the rice alone.

And 2 people ordered the exact same things, and the woman charged them differently (by 50 cents only - but then still...)

Overpriced place but the rice is really good - can smell the delicious coconut in the rice.

Nasi Lemak is located near Subway and opposite provence in Holland Village

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