Friday, September 28, 2007


Hehe this post is dedicated to the queen of waraku AUDREY WEE CHUAN RUI (aka Pok)

This is some set dunno what it's called though got udon and sushi. i still prefer the sushi from sushi tei compared to waraku, but then waraku has a wider variety and more interesting dishes.
This is the agedashi tofu which wasn't bad i think it's about $4 (or was it $6??)
This is my yummy crab udon. It's a cream sauce and it's cold. Actually, I was expecting a hot dish but then it turned out it was cold. The sauce reminds me of a bland kind of campbell soup and the crab leg was very nice. This costs about $16.
The best thing about waraku is that everything comes in these humongous plates and bowls and the portions are quite big (and there isn't much space on the table after everything arrives).

Okonomiyaki! one of my more fave dishes. I lie okonomiyaki cos got nice fried egg with mayo and the sweet sauce. And the crunchy finely shredded cabbage inside. I also like the fried noodles kind. Hmm i think this was quite ex about $13 plus. And so few shreds of pork too.
The service here is excellent - but the ambience is another thing. It's quite noisy (cos it's hard floor and seats) and somehow, there's always wailing babies whenever i go -_- well i guess has to be quite kid friendly since there are so many wailing kids... gd for parents...
51 Cuppage Road
#01-12 StarHub Center
Telephone: +65 67211123

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