Sunday, September 30, 2007

deToast - Queensway Shopping Centre

Was walking about in queensway when I noticed this new stall on the 2nd storey (which I hardly even venture to) which had this news paper clipping. It's this place called detoast and there's another branch at Bugis (but I have no idea where).

For $6.80, you can get a garlic toast, any pizza toast (vegeterian, hawaiian or meat lovers - and there's no beef at all), a soup of the day and a scoop of ice cream. I actually imagined the toast to be loaded with lots of ingredients and be super big but it fell short of my high expectations (maybe cos i read the newspaper rave review and had super high standards).

Their speciality toast is actually kaya, but I didn't try that.
The soup is instant soup i think, but it's very frothy and not to salty - but nothing to shout about.
The toast is thick and fluffy, but for $2, I would say it's pretty steep.

The pizza toast was slathered in a tangy tomato sauce, and it costs $3.50 by itself.

They also have other unique toasts, such as toast with pasta on top, ice cream toast as well as cinnamon and sugar toast.

It's at Queensway shopping centre 2nd level.

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