Sunday, October 19, 2008

Diandin Leluk - Golden Mile Complex

Ok so people are telling me to blog about cheaper things - I've already blogged about my favourite Japanese dessert place where you can get cheap desserts and nice ambience, as well as 1 for 1 offers, credit card discounts (super good! I like credit card discounts!!). And cheap Ice Queen Ice Cream too!

Went to Golden Mile with ice after she brought me to eat Ice Queen Ice Cream. I had my 3 scoops of ice cream before my lunch, and now I know why people don't take desserts before their mains. (I used to be able to eat lots of desserts before my mains but maybe I'm growing old!)

To beat the sweltering heat of the day, I had the Iced Lemongrass tea (I think it was $1.50 or $1.90). The drink on the left is ice's Thai Iced Tea.
This is my incredibly cheap pad thai - it's only $4.90, and has quite a few (small) shrimps inside, lots of tofu and bean sprouts, and delicious little bits of egg. I hate the attenuated kind (the kind served in most Thai places, especially if they're catering for the Western crowd).
I love how the spices in pad thai taste, all the fish sauce (yum! I like the taste of fish sauce), tamarind (? is that what goes into pad thai?). As well as the chewy slightly sticky translucent noodles. This has got to be my most favourite thai food, and green curry too! This tastes exactly like how pad thai tastes in Thailand (maybe not as good? but it's the closest that I'll probably get, with the airfair plus hotel stay being nearly 700 bucks - I'd rather stay in sgp and eat!)
The spices found at every table - some chilli powder with lots of sugar, chilli sauce, sugar and ground nuts. It's a great place to go for Thai food, you can't get more authentic than this in sgp (besides First the worst Thai, which I will not go near with a ten foot pole, except maybe to irritate them by being their first customer again), and I'm sure this place is cheaper. PLUS PLUS PLUS , it's aircon! can you believe it, pad thai for $4.90 in an airconditioned restaurant...
Diandin Leluk
Golden Mile Complex
Tel 62935101

I'm going to come back again to try all the other cheap thai stuff that this place has!
Best of all, carpark here on Sundays is only $2 per entry, though the carpark is really creepy and old! I definitely won't wanna be parking here at night! Do note that the toilets at Golden Mile sucks madly - small tiles galore! I die die had to go cos I was going up to Malaysia via coach in April this year, and nearly died going to the toilet here - it's trying to compete with those in Msia!!!

After lunch, we decided to walk around Golden Mile Complex - it's exactly like Thailand (the food part) and there's soooo many different desserts.
I wonder if the egg thing is from quail's eggs, cos the omelettes are really small - but I was too full to even want to try it.
Thai vegetables - I've always wondered where people got the different eggplant things that you find in green currym but they're all here!
This is some thai snack which has a crispy wafer base, coconut cream, topped with shredded coconut. I really like the fresh ones from thailand, but here's the ready made ones. Ahh I wanna go Thailand! It's my 2nd favouritest country after Japan.
I dunno if it's a coincidence that they named this Simplex, or issit because of the virus?
Anyhow, it's near the sweets section (even though it shouldn't be!)

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