Sunday, February 26, 2012

10 Scotts

High Tea at 10@Scotts eons ago - it was really great just that I didn't have time to blog about it. I shall try to clear up my backlogs (from months ago) by blogging about the places that I really enjoyed...
High tea was a highlight in my food diary - the menu is small but concise and it's unlimited servings of everything, including the tea (and you can change tea flavours too!). I would really love to re-visit this place, but there's so many other high tea places which I have yet to try :(

The sandwiches are soft and fluffy and they have ham&cheese with a nice hot mustard spread, smoked salmon (not particularly impressive) and egg sandwiches. I'm such a sucker for soft fluffy sandwiches and I would just waste stomach space eating them up one after another...
The crab cakes are particularly nice - extremely sweet crab meat with crispy batter and a creamy herb based sauce - I got 2 servings of this! Lazy persons way to enjoy crab meat instead of painfully digging through the shells...
Their fruit bowl which was very refreshing - they have this little fridge with many desserts/fruits/mixed vegetable dips etc as well as chicken liver pate (which I didn't try cos I didn't want to waste the whole huge jar)....Of course, their service was impeccable and we enjoyed the buffet and rolled off to shop after...
I really want to try the St Regis high tea next! Just need to look for a weekend where I don't have to work...
10 Scotts
Grand Hyatt Singapore
10 Scotts Road
Tel 67321234

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Aoki lunch

Lunch at aoki - finally having a full weekend off after eons. What better way to start off the weekend sleeping lots and waking up to go for lunch @Aoki.

My default mazechirashi ($35++ or 42 after the pluses) which never fails. If every weekend can be like this life will extremely blissful.

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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Har jeong Kai nuggets

Was around in the Ghost town orchard central today when I walked past everything with fries (EwF) and saw this poster. Couldn't resist trying the har jeong Kai (prawn paste chicken) nuggets.

EwF has just made fast food tastier and even more tempting by making a boneless version of everyones favourite Tze char dish.

It smells great and makes your mouth water when you take a whiff of it; and it's fried on the spot so you'll get a piping hot box of these nuggets.
It comes with honey mayonnaise which is pretty mediocre but the chicken is soft and tender and unlike the Tze char ones, you won't need to pick the meat off the bones.

Taste is good though it's really oily it should come with the warning label "heart attack in a box".
I think EwF is doing much better than its counterpart Loola's - tried the one at Esplanade last month and it was quite dissappointing.

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